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Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen KL1A /3502/








This armoured command vehicle was based on the Panzerkampfwagen 1A. In the early stages of the Panzerwaffe, the German High Command believed that the Divisional commanders should not necessarily take part in combat. Their task lay in battlefield coordination, and therefore, early command vehicles had no armament at all. The command vehicle had a crew of three; the tank commander (who was also the Divisional commander), driver and radio operator. Later it was deemed necessary to add a 7.92 mm MG-13 in a ball mount in the hull superstructure. The klPzBefWg 1A was fitted with a FuG 6 transmitter with a range of 13-16 km, and a FuG 2 receiver.



Tactical and Technical Specifications of small armored commander’s machine Kl.Pz.Bf.Wg.

Fighting weight, t 5,4
Crew, persons 3
Overall dimensions, mm:
- length/width/height/clearance 4020/2060/1720/250
Armor thickness, angle of slope, mm/deg.
- head of the hull 13/22
- side and rear stern of the hull 13/22
- bottom 6/190
- roof 6/90
- turret head 13/10
Maximum rate of movement on highway, km/hour 57
Cruising range , km:
- on highway/on the ground surface 145/100
Obstacles negotiated:
- angle of climb, deg./ditch width, m 30/1,4
- wall height, m/ford depth, m 0,36/0,58
Power, h.p./ kW under 2500 rev./min 57/42
Fuel consumption under motion on highway, l/km 100/100
Fuel reserve, l 144
Armament: machine-gun, un./mm 1/7,92










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