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Pz.1A mod. "Breda" /3503/








On October 28, 1936, during “The Spanish Civil War”, the PzKfw. 1As of the “Drohne” group of the “Condor” legion collided with Soviet T-26 tanks adopted by the Republicans. The machine guns and armor of the German machines turned out to be no match for the 45-mm gun and armor of the T-26. To increase the fire power of their vehicles, some German crews made some improvised field modifications. The turret was heightened, and an Italian made 20 mm “Breda” automatic cannon was added. The cannon was placed a little right of center for ease of use and service. Additional armour was added to give the crews better protection. Presumably, several vehicles were altered in this way, although there is only one surviving photo of the “Breda” in military literature.



Tactical and Technical Specifications of Light Tank PZ. Kpfw. 1A. mod. «Breda»

Fighting weight, t 5,4
Crew, persons 2
Overall dimensions, mm:
- length/width/height/clearance 4020/2060/1720/250
Armor thickness, angle of slope, mm/deg.
- head of the hull 13/22
- side and rear stern of the hull 13/22
- bottom 6/190
- roof 6/90
- turret head 13/10
Maximum rate of movement on highway, km/hour 57
Cruising range , km:
- on highway/on the ground surface 145/100
Obstacles negotiated:
- angle of climb, deg./ditch width, m 30/1,4
- wall height, m/ford depth, m 0,36/0,58
Power, h.p./ kW under 2500 rev./min 57/42
Fuel consumption under motion on highway, l/km 100/100
Fuel reserve, l 144
Armament: machine-gun, un./mm 1/7,92










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