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PzKfw 1A (Ambulance version) /3506/



Attention! The Master Box Team informs regretfully that this kit has been taken out of production and is no longer in stock. Our distributors may have some supplies of this kit in stock.








The work of our customers:

Author - Thomas Unger, Germany





The Wehrmach incurred tremendous losses to their transport capacity on the Eastern Front in 1941, and as a result were forced to use methods of transportation, which were not specialized to specific tasks. An example of such an expedient vehicle is the PzKfw 1A Ambulance used by the 3rd Panzer Division. Although the roughness of the ride was not beneficial to the wounded, it did provide a means of transport away from the front. As well as the PzKfw 1A Ambulance, this kit includes the parts for an orderly and two wounded soldiers.



Tactical and Technical Specifications of ammunition transporter


Fighting weight, t 5,4
Crew, persons 1
Overall dimensions, mm:
- length/width/height/clearance 4020/2060/1720/250
Armor thickness, angle of slope, mm/deg.
- head of the hull 13/22
- side and rear stern of the hull 13/22
- bottom 6/190
- roof 6/90
- turret head 13/10
Maximum rate of movement on highway, km/hour 57
Cruising range , km:
- on highway/on the ground surface 145/100
Obstacles negotiated:
- angle of climb, deg./ditch width, m 30/1,4
- wall height, m/ford depth, m 0,36/0,58
Power, h.p./ kW under 2500 rev./min 57/42
Fuel consumption under motion on highway, l/km 100/100
Fuel reserve, l 144





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