German StuG III Crew. WW II era. Their position is behind that forest! /35208/

German StuG III Crew. WW II era. Their position is behind that forest!/35208/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 35208

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

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D. Gebro
Hello Masterbox-Team, i like your products, and built up some sets, the characters of figures are almost nice. But some points about the StuG-Crew, they wear normaly the taylored uniform for the panzers, but the colour was field-grey, with ranks and weaponcolour from artillery troops. The black uniform was normally worn by "direct-" panzertroops.
Panzer Man
Sorry D. Gebro, but your not quite right. Early Stug crews did use the "black" panzer uniform along side their tanker brothers, and even used the skull collar patches, which upset the tankers to no end, the skull being considered "elite" Also, armored car crews, panzer pioneer and recon units (among others) were authorized to use the black uniform, although with different branch piping. Green panzer uniforms were also used, and became standard for stug and other panzer jager units later in the war, although the use of black continued through the conflict This also applied to SS units, however did you know that the SS tankers uniform was tailored slightly different.
Corrado Laccetti
I love the crews for tank stug III are great
Corrado Laccetti
i like the new crew for stug III. Great model!!
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