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1/24 Scale

1/24 Car Series

 - Dangerous Curves Series

- Truckers Series

Truckers series. Joni (Lookout) Johnson & her dog Maxx /24045/ Truckers series. Joni (Lookout) Johnson & her dog Maxx /24045/ Truckers series. Mike (Beach Boy) Barrington /24044/

Pin-up series

Ancient Greek Myths Series

Ancient Greek Myths Series. Perseus /24032/

World of Fantasy

Spaceport - At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s adventures


1/32 Scale. Military miniatures

- WW II era  

- Napoleonic Wars era


1/35 Scale. Miniatures

- Fashion

- Historical miniatures


- Indian Wars

- World War I era

- World War II era

Soviet Infantry in the truck, 1943-1945 /35168/ Being surrounded. Soviet Infantry, June-September 1941 /35156/ German Mortar Crew, DAK Brothers in arms. Soviet and Polish Infantry, Berlin, 1945 /3586/ British Infantry. Western Europe. 1944-1945 /3585/ Soviet Tank Crew, 1940-1943 /3569/

- Vietnam War era

- Modern Wars era

- Post-apocalyptic fiction

- Desert Battle Series



1/35 Scale

1/72 Scale



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