Pin-up series, Kit No. 3. Alice /24003/

Pin-up series, Kit No. 3. Alice /24003/

Scale: 1:24

Barcode: 24003

Series: Pin-up series

Box size:  mm

The work of our customers:

Author - Lucio DI BIASIO, Italy Author - Milos Brtan, Slovakia Author - Shawn Gehling, the USA Author - Douglas Houart, Belgium Author - Andrew Kirby, the United Kingdom Author - Author - Vicente Vallejo, Spain Author - Kazuhisa Matsumura, Japan Author - Milos Brtan,Slovakia Author - Milos Brtan,Slovakia Author - Youichi Kodaka, Japan Author - Keiichi Aoki, Japan Author - S.K. Lum, Hong Kong Author - Keiichi Aoki, Japan

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