Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit №1.
Ukrainian soldier, Defence of Kyiv, March 2022

Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit №1. Ukranian soldier, Defence of Kyiv, March 2022 /24085/

Scale: 1:24

Barcode: 24085

Series: Russian-Ukrainian War

This series of kits is dedicated to all countries and to all people of Planet Earth who supported Ukraine in protection from the barbarian invasion. Glory to Ukraine!

The part of the proceeds from the sale of this kit will be used to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The work of our customers:

Author - Ingo Clemens, Germany

Your comments

Ken Sak
I will cheer you from Japan! I'll buy this it kit as soon as It's released in Japan!
Daniel Iscold
I´ll take one too. All the Ukranian people deserve our respect. Hang tought in there fellas. My prayers and good toughts is with all Ukranian people! Best regards from Brazil!
Absolutely brilliant you are doing g this in your troubled times . My heart goes out to you all . I will buy this as soon as it comes out . Stay strong from the United Kingdom
I’m painting a kit from you master box now with a prayer. Of course I’ll get this meaningful nice figure.
All my prayers to you and Ukraine, Slava Ukraini!!

These figures will be amazing. I will buy them all. Stay safe friends.
Ronald Petrosky
So very sad to hear of Master Box's Valery Grygorenko's death at the hand's of putiin's fascist forces. I hope to be able to obtain a copy of your Ukrainian Solder figure to paint and put on Face book with my comments on the maniac putin and his russian war criminals. Slava Ukraine!
Master Box team
Dear Mr. Petrosky,

Valery Grygorenko was artist of our friends - Roden company. He lived in the Bucha city, Kyiv region. People could not bury him because of shelling. All what neigbours could do was to put him in a bomb crater and to cover with earth. He will be buried with honors already after the victory.

Best regards,
Master Box team

Briliant! I can't wait! I would paint it alerdy so much! Hurry up, please ;-). SLAVA UKRAINI!!!
Yall motivate the hell out of me. If you can put this out in these times then what am i doing every day? I cant wait to paint this figure. Never give up, and Semper Fi!