Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit №1.
Ukrainian soldier, Defence of Kyiv, March 2022

Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit №1. Ukranian soldier, Defence of Kyiv, March 2022 /24085/

Scale: 1:24

Barcode: 24085

Series: Russian-Ukrainian War

This series of kits is dedicated to all countries and to all people of Planet Earth who supported Ukraine in protection from the barbarian invasion. Glory to Ukraine!

The part of the proceeds from the sale of this kit will be used to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The work of our customers:

Author - Ingo Clemens, Germany

Your comments

Totally a nice kit
Umm…maybe something wrong with the gun , but it still a good kit especially the pease sign

Excellent love all your work fantastic figure . Would definitely buy one as soon as they are available. Behind you all all the way
Long Live Ukraine
Been a long standing support of your modelling company and and supporting your country in this perverted Russian attack, look forward to supporting you now and in the future when Ukraine claims victory
Any chance for 1:16 version? That would be great!
+1 yes please
A replica of Russian warship that attacked Snake Island, in its after mussle attack condition would be nice.
José Manuel
American gun? Not on this war, my friend. Ukrainians use AK. Even foreign fighters, even american fighters.
But good job, anyway. A nice tribute!

Ukrainian defenders very often have American weapons, both from Colt and European analogues. This applies not only to m4, but to many types of weapons: SCAR, Brownings and pistols of various systems.
Richard Graham
While the Ukrainian military use the AK-47 extensively due to the overstock of the rifle, they needed a weapon that was similar to what NATO members used since Ukraine yearned to join the alliance so, they took design elements of the M16/M4 family of weapons and combined them with the stopping power of the 7.62 x 39 mm round from the AK family. This resulted in the Ukrainian made WAC-47 — initially adopted by the Ukrainian military in 2017 and ordered in greater numbers in 2018. The WAC-47 looks like a longer-barreled M4 and has an adjustable buttstock that gives it that cloned M4 appearance. I think that this is the weapon represented in the kit.
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