Ianis. At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s Adventures. Episode IV /24070/

World of Fantasy. /24056/

Scale: 1:24

Barcode: 24070

Series: World of Fantasy

Box size:  mm

Strange Company’s story continues and new members become the part of the team that has become a legend throughout the Deep Space.

24070 "Ianis. At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s Adventures. Episode IV."

Ianis and his two daring assistants* had a rather adventurous life even before meeting Helen Parsons**.

Ianis owned a small company that made robots for semi-legal gladiatorial fights. The Galactic Government was suspicious of such companies, seeing them rightly as a threat to the National Security, because while trying to snatch victory, such companies attracted the most talented engineers and, from time to time, made real technological breakthroughs.

The Government did not prohibit having robot gladiator fights, realizing that such fights solve considerably the problem of “Extra People”***, but monitored their participants carefully, trying to prevent the leakage of technologies "up in the wrong hands." Ianis got the nickname "Sly Ianis" for a reason. His ability to get out from the most hopeless situations and ability to present the opponents with the most unexpected surprises, snatching victory at the most hopeless moment had become a legend a long time ago.

Ianis & Co managed to fool Government agents for a long time, but once they were unlucky. Resistance to the arrest made them outlaws, and a chance encounter with Helen Parsons made them Strange Company’s part.

* You will know more detailed in 24071 and 24072 kits.

** Helen Parsons is Lieutenant of the Galaxy Battle Fleet, it is stated more detailed in 24056 kit.

*** “Extra People” is a term that appeared in the middle of the 21st century and it designates a category of the population that is unable or unwilling to master new technologies and, accordingly, is unable to find a decent job. Some of these people chose the criminal path, going into gangs or bounty hunters, but most of them found themselves in the virtual world, plunging into an invented world and realizing themselves as spectators of various, often bloody shows, where bets were made and there were huge amounts of money. However, most of such people had a miserable and mainly short life, saving the Governments of their planets from unnecessary troubles.

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