Russian-Ukrainian War series, kit № 3. Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022 /35225/

Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 3. Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022 /35225/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 35225

Series: Russian-Ukrainian War

flag ua

This series of kits is dedicated to all countries and to all people of Planet Earth who supported Ukraine in protection from the barbarian invasion. Glory to Ukraine!

The part of the proceeds from the sale of this kit will be used to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The work of our customers:

Author - Chernikov Denys, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Your comments

Stephan Kaiser
Ein sehr schöner Bausatz
Ruhm der Ukraine

Steve Tong
I will definitely be getting these kits. Please do one of a javelin Or NLAW team and a Stugna P team. Glory to Ukraine Glory to the heroes from New Zealand
precioso,me encanta vuestras maquetas,pero aquí en España ya no llegan, shalom from Spain
Chuck Robertson
You need some Russian soldiers. Of course the Russian soldiers are pigs, but there have to be adversaries to complete the scene.
Mike O
I'd prefer "demilitarized" ones. ;)
Zvezda do russian's, if you want them.
Mike O
I'll be getting all of these sets. Thanks so much for all your work during war time. I hope all of the Orcs are kicked out or in the ground soon!