German tank repairmen (1940-1944) /3509/

German tank repairmen (1940-1944) /3509/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3509

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

The workshop is situated comfortably behind the lines, the thunder of the guns can hardly be heard, staff officers aren’t looking over your shoulder and there is peace and quiet to get your work done. But the damage is excessive and it will take some time to repair. “How are things going? Will we be finished in time?” These and other questions can easily be read in the finely detailed facial expressions of the figures. This kit includes two detailed figures, table, ladder and vice.

The work of our customers:

Author - Carl Schneide, the USA Author - Raimonds Andrejevs, the UK Author - Carl Schneide, New Jersey, USA

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