German Soldiers (1939-1942) /3510/

German Soldiers (1939-1942) /3510/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3510

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

Because the Panzer Officer can be built in two different poses, this set can depict two very different scenarios. In the first, the Panzer Officer is standing on the roadside trying to pin the blame for some unknown offence on his men. The men have learned through bitter experience that there is no wrath greater than that of their Commanding Officer. In the second, The Officer, hanging out of his turret hatch, is discussing something with the infantrymen. This kit includes three figures, one of which can be built in two different poses.

The work of our customers:

Author - Ron Hembling Australia Author - Raimonds Andrejevs, the UK Author - Alejandro Madia, Argentina Author - Richard Machac, 15 years old, Czech Republic

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