Europe, 1945 /3514/

Europe, 1945 /3514/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3514

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

VE-Day, May 8th 1945. The war is over, it’s spring and it’s time to celebrate. Together with his buddy and some very pleasant company, the glider pilot is ready to go out on the town. 

Many Thanks to Keiichi Aoki from Japan for the presented models.

The work of our customers:

Author - Jaime Bruno Artero, Spain Author - Jan Meyer, Germany Author - Carl Thurston, USA Author - Frank Henriquez , the USA Author - Chao I-chih (supaicc), Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Author - Jo-Heun Oh, Seoul, South Korea Author - Francesco Sbarile, Italy Author - Maurizio Gianguzzi, Italy Author - Pablo Javier Delsoglio, Argentina Author - Pietro Ballarini, Italy Author - Alejandro Madia, Argentina Author - Martin Guertler, Germany Author - Milos Brtan, Slovakia Author - Oliver Krause, Germany Author - Alejandro Madia, Argentina Author - Keiichi Aoki, Japan

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