German Panzergrenadiers, 7 fig. /3518/

German Panzergrenadiers, 7 fig. /3518/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3518

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

Panzergrenadiers were motorized infantry, shock troops, often used in conjunction with armour in the spearhead of an attack. The Panzergrenadiers would advance under cover of the accompanying tanks, mopping up any enemy infantry in the vicinity of the advance. Panzergrenadiers were essential to the German doctrine of Blitzkrieg. This kit contains 7 figures depicting Panzergrenadiers advancing under fire.

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Author - Christian Ronald Recinos, El Salvador Author - Charles Shen, the USA Author - Krzysztof Zygzak Chojnacki, Poland Author - Modenko Yurii, Ukraine Author - Martin Gürtler, Germany Author - Raimonds Andrejevs, the UK Author - Drouot David, France Author - Markus Schott, Germany Author - Jan Ekström, Sweden Author - Martin Guertler, Germany Author- Martin Guetler, Germany Author - Alexander Malinin, Sevastopol

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