US Paratroopers, 1944 /35219/

US Paratroopers, 1944 /35219/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 35219

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

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Jonathon Bulmer
These are exactly the same as the old ones you released. Or is it a new fresh mould? They look exactly the same to me. Is the old kit discontinued?
These are your old released para figures? The uniform in the box art is 44” para uniform but the actual model figures have the later 45” para uniform on. Are these figures or the box art going to be corrected? Thank you, Jason
Hi Jason. can you explain to me the differences between 1944 and 1945? Thank you
Alexander Surzhenko
Dear Jason,

Thank you, we will study everything carefully and fix, if it is necessary.

All the best,
Alexander Surzhenko,
Master Box Ltd.

You have the incorrect images posted for the U.S. Para's. Three of the Das Maschinengewehr ist dort! fgures have been posted in error. Keep the figures coming the are extremely good! Happy Modelling, Tom

Patrick GOHIER
Superbe Box Art ,est ce de nouveaux moules ou juste une réédition?
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