Frontier fight of summer 1941, German Infantry (4 fig.) /3522/

Frontier fight of summer 1941, German Infantry (4 fig.) /3522/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3522

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

During the first two weeks of severe frontier fighting, the German forces sent the main Soviet force reeling. Army Groups “North”, “Center” and “ South” could now advance towards their strategic objectives; Leningrad, Moscow and Kiev. Although on the defensive, the Russian forces managed to stage a number of counterattacks. These battles often turned into vicious hand to hand combat, as the soldiers closed on each other. This kit includes the figures of 4 German infantrymen fighting off attacking Russian forces.

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Author - Charles Shen, the USA Author - Ian Duthie, England Author - Martin Gürtler, Germany Author - Paweł Nawrocki, Poland Author - Jan Ekström, Sweden Author - Martin Guertler, Germany Author - Milos Brtan,Slovakia Author - Shinichi Mori, Japan Author - Maurizio Berselli, Italy Author - Armin Bachmaier, Germany

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can anybody explain to me which paint to use, on the box Vallego states it a colour, but the code doesn't give me the same colour of paint.