Skatspieler /3525/

Skatspieler /3525/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3525

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

In the field, soldiers did not only fight, but also had some time for R&R. The soldiers of the different armies spent their free time in different ways. In the German Army, for example, the most popular card game was Skat, which required three players. This kit includes 4 figures and jerry cans, which were often used as improvised furniture by the troops. Note the puppy tucked away in the folds of one of the troopers’ shirts.

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Author - Ronald Hembling, Australia Author - Ralf Gellings, Germany Author - Simon Antelmi,, Italy Author - Bachtiar Rifai, Indonesia Author - Yoji Tachikawa, Japan Author - Gabor Fekecs, Hungary Author - Mark Russell, United Kingdom Author - Alejandro Madia, Argentina Author Pedro Azevedo, Portugal

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