German motorcyclists, 1940-1943 /3539/

German motorcyclists, 1940-1943 /3539/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 3539

Series: World War II era

Box size:  mm

Although motorcycles were a fast and easy means of travel, some journeys could be a grueling affair. After a long hot ride, both man and machine need a rest to let off steam. This set contains the parts to build one motorcycle with sidecar, and four figures. This set is the perfect companion to set: 3528, "German motorcycle, WWII". The sets can be combined to produce two motorcycles with 4 "Kradschuetzen"; 2 drivers taking a break, and two passengers.

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Author - Charles Shen, the United States Author - Charles Shen, the United States Author - Ronald Hembling, Australia Author - Allan Su, Taiwan Author - ShihJen Chen, Taiwan Author - Maurizio Gianguzzi, Italy Author - Emiliano Rommel, Argentina Author - Ravasha Kevin, Indonesia Author - Lucas Hilkenbach, Germany Author - Gabor Fekecs, Hungary Author - Kamil Wesolowski, Poland Author - Martin Guertler, Germany Author- Martin Guetler, Germany Author - Artur Szuszkiewicz, Poland Author - Krzysztof Chojnacki, Poland Author - Artur Szuszkiewicz, Poland Author - Alexander Malinin, Sevastopol

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